Cinthol Soap
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Deodorant and complexion soap Keeps your skin healthy and glowing Reduces risk of skin problems*  Recommended by doctors** Contains high TFM (Grade 1 soap) Cinthol Original protects your skin from heat, dust and pollution. Its high...
₹ 201.00*
Cinthol Soap
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Refreshing Deodorant Soap Lime freshness Revitalizes your senses Fantastic bathing experience Made with a refreshing lemony deo fragrance, Cinthol Lime is a burst of freshness. Its enhanced lime freshness revitalises your senses for a fantastic bathing...
₹ 152.00*
Cinthol Soap
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Cooling Deodorant Soap Bathing soap that contains extra cooling menthol Enjoy Active Deo fragrance Helps beat the heat and keeps you fresh all day long Cinthol Cool has the icy-cool freshness and an active deo fragrance...
₹ 280.00*
Cinthol Health+
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Germ protection deo soap Anti-bacterial properties Gives 99.9% germ protection Eliminates body odour Keeps skin healthy and glowing Keeps you smelling great all day Buy 4 & Get 1 free (Pack of 5) Buy 3 &...
₹ 280.00* MRP₹ 252.00*
Cinthol Soap
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Premium fragrance Intense deodorant soap Protects from body odour Helps stay active and smell great Cinthol Deo Soap is a deodorising bathing soap with intense fragrance that protects your body from odour through your active day....
₹ 122.00*
Cinthol Charcoal Soap
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Contains goodness of Charcoal Removes effects of dirt and pollution Helps get rid of excess oil and dead skin Deep cleanses skin Active Deo Fragrance Grade 1 Charcoal Soap  Cinthol Charcoal Soap is a one-of-a-kind soap...
₹ 270.00* ₹ 216.00*


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