Godrej Cinthol Talc
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Cooling Deo Talc Keeps you fresh An experience that lasts through the day Cinthol Cool Talc will give you a cooling experience that will last throughout the summer heat. It refreshes you and gives your skin...
₹ 135.00*
Godrej Cinthol Talc
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Complexion Talc Keep your skin healthy and glowing Superior skin protection Complexion talcum powder Superior skin protection Cinthol Original Talc has an enticing great fragrance that will protect your skin and also give it a soft...
₹ 135.00*
Godrej Cinthol Talc
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Refreshing Deo Talc Feel alive every day Enhanced lemony freshness Keeps you feeling fresh and energized all day Provides protection from perspiration Cinthol Lime Talc is enriched with active ingredients to keep your skin healthy and...
₹ 135.00*
Cinthol Beard Combo
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Cinthol Beard Oil - Argan oil based oil that moisturises beard from its roots. Cinthol Beard + Face Wash Fresh Burst – A 2-in-1 grooming product to cleanse both, your beard and face. Cinthol Beard Wax...
₹ 750.00* ₹ 675.00*
Cinthol Soap
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Cooling Deodorant Soap Bathing soap that contains extra cooling menthol Enjoy Active Deo fragrance Helps beat the heat and keeps you fresh all day long Cinthol Cool has the icy-cool freshness and an active deo fragrance...
₹ 280.00*
Cinthol Health+
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Germ protection deo soap Anti-bacterial properties Gives 99.9% germ protection Eliminates body odour Keeps skin healthy and glowing Keeps you smelling great all day Buy 4 & Get 1 free (Pack of 5) Buy 3 &...
₹ 280.00* MRP₹ 252.00*
Cinthol Beard Face Wash
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) A wash for both, your beard and face Aloe Vera leaves beard soft, clean and irritation-free Dual-cleansing system cleans dust, dirt and pollution from beard and face Effective in pimple control Lightens acne scars and dark...
₹ 250.00* ₹ 190.00*
Cinthol Deo Spray
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Stimulating masculine fragrance Keeps you intensely alive Alcohol-free formulation Keeps skin safe from damage & irritation Long-lasting fragrance Feel intensely alive with this stimulating, masculine fragrance built on warm woody notes. Cinthol Intense deospray is an...
₹ 195.00* ₹ 175.50*
Cinthol Soap
*MRP(inclusive of all taxes) Deodorant and complexion soap Keeps your skin healthy and glowing Reduces risk of skin problems*  Recommended by doctors** Contains high TFM (Grade 1 soap) Cinthol Original protects your skin from heat, dust and pollution. Its high...
₹ 201.00*


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