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About Cinthol Original

Today, Cinthol Original has become synonymous with the idea of skin protection. Over six decades ago, it all started with a promise to protect you from everyday heat, dust and pollution so that you can go on to protect your dreams. A promise that has stood the test of time. A promise that has earned the confidence of countless mothers and is #Recommended by Doctors.

The Cinthol Original Promise Over The Years

Cinthol Original has evolved and improved to keep up with the changing times but without compromising on its core value - The promise of protection.


A Promise Is Made

Cinthol Original began its journey on 15th August 1952.

A Promise is madeA Promise is made
A Promise is made
A Promise is made

The Promise Endures

Six decades of a promise well-kept led Cinthol Original to become a significant part of people’s everyday lives. A ritual that was passed from one generation to the next.

The Promise / Ritual Endures Through Time

Trusted by Dr. Amma

Building on its legacy of being trusted by generations of mothers and being #Recommended by Doctors, Cinthol Original introduced the iconic character of a friendly family Doctor – Dr. Amma. She became the brand’s voice, championing the confidence that Cinthol Original protection stands for.

play_icon_red Recommended by Dr. Amma

India’s First Skin Care Helpline

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, Cinthol Original launched a special skin consultation helpline to educate its consumers about how to protect their skin and keep it healthy and glowing.

play_icon_red Cinthol Original Launches A Skin Care Helpline When India Thanked Dr Amma!

A Protective Ritual

Over six decades, Cinthol Original has been passed down from one generation to the next, so much so that it has become a protective ritual in the family.To strengthen this connection the brand reaffirmed its promise, which gives consumers the confidence to step out and experience the world.

play_icon_red A Protective Ritual

Redefining The Idea of Protection.

Cinthol Original’s promise of protection took on a larger purpose during the pandemic.

The brand celebrated women who stepped up to fulfil their duty towards the society and inspired the sentiment of putting the ‘Community Before Self’.

While these women prioritized their community, Cinthol Original prioritized their protection against viruses, heat, dust and pollution. So, they could go ahead and continue their service to society.

Learn more about the real stories of real women here

Redefining The Idea of Protection.

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