Why Choose Homestays when you Travel in the Monsoon?


When it comes to travel, every individual has a different outlook and expectations vary hugely. While someone might prefer a luxurious hotel stay with the best amenities and world class service, someone else might choose to stay in a home stay or just camp out in the wilderness.

Different kinds of vacations deserve unique planning and a customized homestay can sometimes offer a wonderful local experience. During the monsoon, travelling takes a different form and it becomes even more important to experience the rain, nature, the views and take in the surroundings to the fullest. The various treks and hiking experiences that are exclusive to the monsoons can be experienced in a more wholesome and true fashion when one stays in a simple abode, one that is away from the trappings of luxury, glass walls and room service!


The most authentic way to experience the culture and heritage of the place of visit is to live like the locals. And what better way to imitate the local person’s lifestyle than to actually go live with them, share their meals, use their facilities and engage in conversations that acquaint you better with the town. Getting to know their stories and their way of life will provide a much more enriching travel experience than any luxury hotel thus helping to make your trip a memorable one. Some of the best views during the rains can be from the mountain tops or remote locations where hotels are not easily found, at such times, a homestay is a more holistic travel experience.


 A homestay is also intimate and extremely customized to the taste of the person who stays there. When you pick a cozy, comfortable homestay, you will be guaranteed a peaceful, relaxed time. The experience of being in a far-off place and yet feeling incredibly homely is something that a homestay offers. The start of the rainy season is the perfect time to pack your bags and head for a solo trip or just take your friends along and book the entire apartment!


 The biggest reason for people to choose homestays is the affordability and cost cutting that it leads to, further enabling you to spend that money on various other adventure activities. If are visiting a place that is home to a number of exciting activities, then using the money that you saved on exorbitant accommodation for experiencing them can be a good decision. Home stays, apart from being incredibly satisfying for a vacation also prove to be great value for money. When you go to an adventurous location where the intent of your trip is the adventure activity in the pouring rain and enjoying the views, a home stay is the best deal to stay comfortably and save on money that would otherwise get spent on 


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