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There is nothing more adventurous about a trek than relentless ridges that push you beyond your limits. Though these treks are awesome in their own way, it is also important to stay equipped during them.

This trek travel kit is all you need for an amazing trek.

Sunscreen lotion

The mountains expose your skin to fresh air and mist, but as noon approaches, your skin can get tanned and damaged. Carry a sunscreen lotion to prevent burns. A pair of sunglasses will also come in handy to protect your eyes.

Safety kit

Safety Kit - Travel Essentials for Men

Make sure you carry adequate and necessary medicines to prevent or cure any infections or diseases. A pain relief spray, painkiller tablets, crepe bandages, Band-Aids, antacid capsules and other medicines for digestion must make it to the kit before anything else.

Torches and matchsticks

Torches and Matchsticks - Travel Essentials for Men

It can get dark sometimes atop the mountain, when you are ascending or descending, having no light or heat can be inconvenient and even dangerous. Your trek travel kit must have a torch with extra batteries, matchsticks and a lighter. These may seem unnecessary, but they can certainly light up your trip and also roast that marshmallow!

Bug repellant cream

 Bug Repellant Cream - Travel Essentials for Men

Mosquitoes and bugs are the worst party poopers and can spoil all the fun. Carry a mosquito and bug repellent cream so that nothing can distract you from climbing higher.

An added benefit is that, if there are no insects, there is going to be no infection or allergy either!


Water - Travel Essentials for Men

The biggest enemies during a trek are the after-effects of possible dehydration and drained energy. Keeping adequate water with you is a must. Your trek kit must also have sufficient energy boosters to give you that requisite kick when you start feeling dizzy. Glucose powder and anti-dehydration fluids help a lot too and are a must-have in your kit.


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