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Mountain biking is one thing that amplifies thrill the most. If you are picking your bike and heading to the mountains anytime soon, do check out this list of essentials.

First-aid kit

First-aid kit - Travel Essentials For Mountain Bikers

There are endless possibilities where you might skin a knee or get bruised on the treacherous terrain. First-aid kits are a must-have in these scenarios.


The occasional drizzle in the mountains should never get your spirit down. Carry a windcheater to make sure you remain dry.


It is important to take care of your skin when you’re out in the mountains. Sunscreen is exactly what you need. Also, carry a Cinthol Deostick to make sure you smell fresh and awesome all through your journey.

Hydration packs

Staying hydrated is the key to a healthy life, even if your life is in the mountains. Keeping enough water and other hydrating supplements like glucose would help you go a long way.

Nutritional kit

Biking is a great way to burn calories. But it also makes you tired. It’s always a wise idea to pack a few energy bars to munch on when you take a break in your journey.

Medical information

It is important to be prepared for any kind of medical emergency. Carry a first-aid kit with you. Also, list all relevant medical information about yourself including allergies and your blood group on a card.

Mini Pump

Mini Pump, Nutritional kit - Travel Essentials For Mountain Bikers

This compact instrument makes sure you never call off the thrill because of low air pressure in your tires. These mini pumps will quickly inflate the tires on your bike and get you back on track.


Carry a light-weight box of tools that would fit into your bag in case you want to fix a nut or screw. Mini-tools are a powerhouse in a small package. Just dig them out of your bag, pop out the required tool and get fixing.

Bib shorts

Bib shorts - Travel Essentials For Mountain Bikers

You can wear bib shorts under your outer garments, and it will guarantee stability to a long journey, while setting you free from the slavery of uncomfortable elastic bands. So invest in quality bib shorts and say goodbye to unwanted hassles while riding.

Eye Protection

Eye Protection - Travel Essentials For Mountain Bikers

Mountainous terrains guarantee dust and tiny gravels which can cause great discomfort to your eyes. Eye gear is an undeniable accessory for the protection of your eyes. You don’t want to spend time rubbing your eyes and splashing water into them from time to time. So, keep your eyes protected and keep riding.

Pick your bag, pack your essentials and don’t think twice before you venture out for an adventurous ride. You live just once so why think twice, eh?


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