Top 3 Adventure Activities You Can Pursue During The Monsoon – Awesome Men


Have you ever given a thought to the kind of adventure activities that you should embark on to seek a thrilling and rejuvenating experience? Here is some insight into the best activities to take up this monsoon in India.

These are top 3 adventurous places to visit that you can take your most adventurous set of friends, places that will truly kick start the season and help you enjoy the rain to fullest!

The best part? You don’t need an extensive travel planner! These are places that can be last minute vacations and all you have to do is pack your bags and get going!


From all the way up north, right down to south India, the activities available are plenty! Cycling in Munnar requires stamina and a level of fitness that would support the exhilarating experience. The 17 hair-pin bends are rigorous and cycling against the winds sure makes it an epic experience. The whole point of doing this trip in the monsoon is the exhilaration and excitement that one can only feel cycling in the mountains in the rain. This is an activity that will require you to be physically fit, but training in advance and reaching a moderate level of fitness also helps. The views from the mountain when it rains as you cycle your way in Munnar are breath taking and stopping on the way for hot coffee or a bowl of noodles makes the experience more exciting.


The Andaman Nicobar Islands have a lot to offer and scuba diving is the top of the list! If you are craving to travel to an island within India, this is your place! The joy of being under-water and discovering the varied fish or sea animals available is new and completely different from any other activity you have experienced before! And imagine diving into this cold water as it rains! A completely thrilling and rejuvenating experience, this is an activity that is a once in a lifetime experience and is taken a notch higher when done in the rainy season.


There are multiple organizers who organize this trek to Konkan Kada in Maharashtra and being a trek that is exclusive to the monsoon season and one that required a very moderate level of stamina or physical fitness, is something most people can engage in without thinking twice. The trek is done in the rainy season while it rains and bringing your rain coats, torches, rubber rainy boots, etc. is a must when one goes hiking up hill to view the magnificent view from this fort. The heavier the rain, the better the experience.


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