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A road trip to Ladakh is enthralling and it resonates perfectly with the traveler in you. It is not only about the thrill and excitement, but about keeping up with the challenges too. The journey to Ladakh is beautiful yet tough and only the toughest can survive the rugged roads and the rocky terrains.

So, are you ready?

Understand the weather

You are always prepared for risks and when in Ladakh, acclimatize for at least a day before starting your ride to get comfortable with the extreme climate. Riding on a bike will bring you face to face with some of the extremities of Ladakh, like strong chilly wind or sudden rain and you need to be ready for it. Too much rain or snowfall will spoil your chances of a good bike ride as the roads become slippery. Hence a bike ride during summers is recommended.

Gear up with proper clothes

Biking Clothes - Awesome Men

You should ideally pack biker jackets, thermals, socks, gloves, mufflers, woollens and caps for your trip there. Also, don’t be surprised if your bike crosses a large puddle from time to time in the middle of the road. Hence, carrying an extra pair of shoes and trousers will be handy in this case. Use a long lasting deo like Cinthol Deostick to keep your body odour in check throughout the day.

Don’t forget your biking kit

Bike Tool Kit - Awesome Men

Start with the basics here- get yourself a new clutch plate, tube tire, spark plug, and toolkit. Your toolkit should consist of wrenches, spanners, and screwdrivers. A socket extension rod, as well as a spare set of bike keys, would be important too. Remember that the roads are rugged and there is a high chance of your bike breaking down midway for some reason or the other.  Hence if you are a group of people riding together, ask a bike mechanic to accompany you. Most bike renting companies have mechanics who are ready to accompany you for an additional cost. 

Other important tips:

  • While renting a bike, always check its air filter first to see whether it’s dirty or not.
  • Checking the clutch handle and the carbonator’s plug is also essential
  • Double check the tires and keep a spare one ready for the journey ahead.
  • Check the bike’s documents thoroughly before renting it. Ensure that you have the relevant permits too.

Man with Bike in Ladakh - Awesome Men

Ladakh is the perfect vacation spot for the extreme travelers and if you have what it takes to unleash the adventurer in you, this is the place to head to next!


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