7 Best Travel Destinations In India That Won’t Cost You Your Salary! – Awesome Men


You are a wanderer, an adventurer and an explorer. Life, for you, is all about travelling to new places and indeed, money just can’t be a factor when it comes to being awesome, right?

We totally get you! And hence to turn your travel experience more about fun and less about expenses, we have curated a list of 7 Travel Destinations in India that won’t cost you your salary.


Goa - Travel Destination in India - Awesome Men

Hello Backpackers! Goa is one of the cheapest travel destinations in India. It is one of the most popular tourist spots, and even then, this place boasts of inexpensive home stays and food shacks. You can go exploring the town or be a beach person- entirely your choice! You can even rent a bike and visit the famous spots all day long.


Allepey - Travel Destination in India - Awesome Men

Free-spirited wanderers, this is your true calling! Allepey is not called the Venice of the East without reason. This place has lagoons and houseboats, backwaters and coconuts. You can either stay at local hotels that will cost you around Rs 500/- for a night or book yourself for a lifetime’s experience- to stay on a houseboat. Enjoy the vast array of seafood and enjoy a dream vacation- at less than half the cost!


Darjeeling - Travel Destination in India - Awesome Men

Hi nature lovers! Darjeeling is beautiful and cheap and lets you wander off to unexplored terrains. You can stay at affordable hotels around the central market and try the local cuisines. If you have a passion for photography, head to Tiger Hills in the early morning to see the sun rising or visit the local monasteries out there.


Udaipur - Travel Destination in India - Awesome Men

For the solo travellers, Udaipur fits the bill. It has cheap hotel options and some scrumptious food on offer. Visit Lake Pichola to enjoy the city’s resplendent beauty and visit the local markets in the evening to experience this city’s fresh and rustic vibes.


Gokarna - Travel Destination in India - Awesome Men

Hola Beach lovers! If you are strictly a beach person and Goa is still biting your wallet, head to Karnataka. Gokarna offers you picturesque beaches and will delight the traveler in you. It has affordable home-stays starting from as low as Rs. 300/- per person and you can easily rent a boat from local fishermen for a day out at sea. Sounds Interesting?


Pondicherry - Travel Destination in India - Awesome Men

For serenity seekers, Pondicherry is the place to visit! The streets are full of cafes and colorful walls and the more you stay in Pondicherry, the more you will feel at home. A train travel hardly costs 500 bucks. Reserve rent-in cottages in advance and don’t forget to take the camera along.


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