5 Signs That You Are A Nomad – Awesome Men


You are a born explorer, and have the zeal to constantly explore and find new places. You get restless in one place for too long, and yearn to travel.

If any of this reads true for you, chances are, you are a nomad who is always ready to push boundaries. You are someone who is always on their feet, with a ‘never-say-never’ attitude.

Still have doubts? These five signs will tell if you’re a nomad or not.

You are curious

Snow Mountain Trek - Awesome Men

You are curious to find out about off-beat places from other travellers, and you really want to travel to unexplored terrains. You keep your eyes open for new getaways and easily get excited about the prospect of experiencing a new place.

Trust your instincts

Breakfast in winter - Awesome Men

You constantly try to push your boundaries and trust your instincts when it comes to wandering off to new places. New languages, strangers and unknown cities do not scare you. Instead, you embrace them and make them your own, at least till you move to your next destination.

No place for attachments

You understand that everything in this world is temporary and hence you prefer not getting too attached to a place. Life for you is all about being on your toes, and you want to evolve as a traveller. You don’t care about limitations, and your bucket list certainly gets longer with each passing day. 

Nothing holds you back

Trekking alone on a snow mountain - Awesome Men

Once you have set out to do something, nothing can hold you back. You are brave in the face of adversities. New languages, strange people, rocky terrains, and unfavourable weather invite the nomad in you. You are tough and you can fight with the world for your passion.

Eager to seize opportunities

Directing using a map - Awesome Men

You are eager to seize any opportunity to travel, in fact when you are not travelling, you are asking for recommendations from friends for your next trip.

For a nomad like you, globe-trotting is a passion that you can’t ignore. After all, life is all about fighting inhibitions and being awesome, right?


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