5 Must-Have Essentials For Travel-Enthusiasts


An intrepid traveller is someone who has an incessant need to be on their feet. They pick roads which are rough, rugged and rocky, and are unafraid to start on a new journey, at any given point of time.   

If you are a fearless travel enthusiast, these six essential items will come in handy when you hit the road.


Extensive travelling sometimes leaves you with little time for your grooming regimen. And in times like these, you can’t really help that rugged stubble. While washing your face freshens you up, you still need to take care of your facial hair. A handy trimmer cuts your problem down.

Power bank

Your mobile battery going off can sometimes be the worst thing that can happen during a trip. And when there is no electrical input, you feel cut off from the rest of the world. Take the smart option of carrying a fully charged power-bank to sort out your battery problems and never run out of power anymore.

Facial tissues

While travelling, you will face sweat, pollution, fatigue and dirt and this can cause your face to lose its spark. Keep a box of facial tissues with you to wipe that dirt off and help your skin breathe. It will make you feel fresh in an instant.


There is a lot you can do to beat the scorching heat, but you cannot replace a pair of sunglasses when it comes to protecting your eyes.


When you are out seeking a rush of adrenaline, body odour is something you have to deal with too. Solution? Keep a deodorant in your travel bag to eliminate foul body smell. A Cinthol Deodorant Spray will keep a check on the bad smell and also keep you refreshed throughout the day.

So for the next time you travel, don’t forget to take these essentials along.


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