5 accessories to include in your travel sack on a solo trip!


Solo travel is a way to rejuvenate and connect with yourself better. There are various activities and places that one can explore when one decides to travel solo. However, there are also other aspects to travelling solo like having to pack for the trip without depending on another person.

Ensuring that you get the checklist just right can be a hassle for most men who struggle while making one, without missing out the most important stuff that needs to be carried. Here are a few travel accessories that are worth having handy!


Multipurpose shoes are a way of ensuring that you don’t have to lug around numerous shoes that come in different sizes and shapes. Carrying these around for the trip can be taxing physically and wearing a single pair while you carry one pair of flip flops is the ebst way to go about it.


Most of us are used to having the phone flash light handy when we need the light when camping or trekking in the dark. Imagine being in the jungle or a forest and having to struggle with what lies ahead! One of the most recommended items to carry during a trip is a headlamp. Investing in a good quality head lamp will not only help you navigate your way around in forests but will also help you during a blackout in a hotel or your place of accommodation.



A dry sack will keep your belongings tidy and clean throughout your trip. If you end up not using the sack for wet clothing, you can always store delicate items of your chargers and phones in this sack as it provides protection. The dry sack is one item that you should not miss out on when you travel as the size of this accessory is quite small but the use is phenomenal. Carry your Cinthol Hair Wax and Hair gel to ensure that you don’t have to wash your hair every single day. Carrying the Cinthol Head to Toe Wash is also a great idea when you travel light.

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A customised first aid kit is something that should be on every itinerary. Having to make a run to the drug store every time you need a particular medicine can be tedious and finding a medical store in most places, especially, on a trek or a hike can be grueling. Pack a small kit with bandages, eye allergy drops, cough and cold medicines and your usual prescriptions. Keeping this handy will take off the worry that comes from falling sick on a vacation.


Due to the dependence on mobile phones, we no longer have our emergency contacts handy This makes it immensely difficult for most to contact their family or friends if your phone disconnects or loses power. Make a list of all the contacts that you would need and label them clearly. In case of an emergency, you will always be able to call for help.


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