Your Guide To Buying The Right Running Shoes


Fitness is not only about working out at the gym. It is a way of life, and something that you are extremely passionate about. You manage to make time for your fitness routine while juggling many roles and responsibilities.

There is absolutely nothing that can hold you back, from your run, which is the best part of your fitness regime.
In order to keep enjoying and enhancing your fitness regime, it is very important to pick the right pair of shoes.
The wrong pair of shoes could result in long-term injuries and your knee joints could be the first casualty.
To ensure that you pick the correct shoe to make running a smooth experience for you, we have this guide, tailor-made for you:

Decide the running shoe you need

 Decide the running shoe you need - Cinthol Awesome Men

The type of running shoe you need will depend on the kind of platform you are going to run on.  There are road-running shoes, trail-running shoes and cross-training shoes. Road-running shoes are usually designed for the streets and pavements; trail running shoes are off-road shoes while cross-training shoes are designed for workouts at the gym. Being clear on the type of running shoe you need could help you find the best options.

Style of running

Style of running - Cinthol Awesome Men

There are different styles of running like Pronation, Overpronation, Supination and Barefoot running. The best way to know your running style is to look at the sole of an old shoe you have used for running. The pronation style of running would create a centralized impression on the sole of the shoe while overpronation would create a deep impression along the lines of the inside edge of the sole. Supination, on the other hand, will create an impression on the outer side of the shoe. Barefoot runners usually hit the ground running with their mid-foot or else the forefoot touching the ground first. Being aware of these points will help you picking the right shoe.  

Perfect size

 Perfect Size Running Shoes - Cinthol Awesome Men

 The shoe must fit you perfectly so that you do not risk falling, tripping or losing your shoe behind as you run. A few millimetres of space for your toes is essential in a running shoe. It gives you the space to wriggle and flex your tired feet without having to take the shoes off.

Mock run

Take a Mock Run - Cinthol Awesome Men

Take a mock run inside the store so that you know how the shoes feel while you are on the go.


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