Hate going to the gym? Here are 5 alternatives to remain fit


Are you someone who dreads going to the gym and working out with heavy weights? Do you find excuses every day for not going to the gym? Worry not! We have compiled a list of gym alternatives that will help you lose weight without hitting a fitness centre.


Try hiking a few days in a week and you will see a difference in your weight. It is a great cardio workout that will allow you to explore nature and remote areas in your city. Ensure you carry a water bottle and wear sturdy shoes for hiking. And when you return, don’t forget to cleanse your face with Cinthol Shave+ Face Wash and get rid of body odour with Cinthol Deostick.

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Get your Zen mode on and perform Yoga at least three days a week. You could join classes or stream videos online to learn about different kinds of asanas. Yoga will help you lose body fat and strengthen your muscles. It will also keep you energised and stress-free.

Yoga - Awesome Men


If your building doesn’t have a swimming pool, then join a gymkhana and take a dip in the water at least a few days a week. Swimming is a full-body workout which helps shed extra pounds, tone muscles and increase body strength.

Swimming - Awesome Men

Groove to some good music

Squeeze out half an hour from your schedule and dance on one of your favourite songs. You can also watch videos online and follow a few Bollywood steps. Or maybe, join some salsa class or zumba sessions if you don’t mind grooving to a song with a group of people. Dancing is a fun way to burn calories and tone your body.

Sign up for sports

Play tennis, badminton or football in the evenings with your friends or join a club that organises matches to burn calories and stay fit. Playing sports will also keep you energised and improve your mental health.

Sign up for sports - Awesome Men

You don’t need personal trainers or a high-end gym to stay healthy. You just need to eat right and perform some form of exercise to shed body fat. Try out these alternatives and let us to know your experiences in the comment section.


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