Decoding the Sneaker Trend and How to Pick the Best Ones


If the past year in men’s fashion has taught us anything it is the fact that sneakers are here to stay! The kind of sneakers that are being designed today will give a man with a shoe fetish an entry into wonderland! These are fashion sneakers that are made with the best quality material and designs that vary from one to another.

With nearly every high end brand and street name producing their own take on the different kind of sneaker styles available today, there is ample scope for change and experimentation. Archive designs and limited edition packs are being dropped daily and trainers are now seen as acceptable footwear for offices or meetings, as well. We decided to decode the sneaker trend and offer you a few tips on which ones are worth investing your money in, here are 5 pairs of kicks that provide bang for your bucks!


These are trainers that are extremely versatile and look great not just with an informal attire but also with a suit. The stark white tennis sneakers are best worn at a place where they will tend to remain that way. The disadvantage lies in the sneakers losing their colour and getting affected by dirt, debris, mud. Make sure you use a waterproofing or a leather protection spray before you head out in these kicks.


These are sneakers that you can wear for a morning jog or your daily run. The latest pair of runners that are being show cased are not just ones you will want to go running in, they are ones that are also high on the style quotient and can be easily paired with a pair of smartly cut trousers for work as they can be with training shorts. There are also various colours and patterns to choose from.

 RUNNER Sneakers - Awesome men


All about comfort and effortless ease, the slip on is a classic pair that every man must own one pair of! The slip-ons are a pair of sneakers that work with chinos or even with casual denims and can be easily worn in a warm climate. Going for a pair in different colours like beige, clack, green, etc. will ensure that you are never short of sneakers to wear daily. Because of the lack of laces and no fuss surrounding their make, these sneakers are the preferred type by most men.


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