5 Fitness Workout Routine for Men to Do at Home


When it comes to pushing limits, you go all out with guns blazing. You put in all your energy and ensure that nothing stops you from achieving the best. But sometimes, just sometimes, the thrill seeker in you wants to rest and relax. For those lazy days, we have these home fitness routines that will keep the calories burning, without visiting the gym.

Walk whenever you can

Walk whenever you can - Workout routine for men at home

Twenty minutes of walking can help you burn at least 80 calories.

Tip: Walking around while you are on long calls is a great way to burn those calories.

Make staircases your best friend

Make staircases your best friend - Workout routine for men at home

Ignore those escalators and lifts. Take the staircase and see your fitness level increasing day by day. You can burn around 550 calories in an hour with this home fitness tip.

Tip: Park your vehicle further away than usual so that you can walk a little extra every day. While visiting malls too, find where the staircase is and pat yourself every time you climb one. Self-Motivation, we say!

Follow fitness tutorials on YouTube

Follow fitness tutorials on YouTube - Workout routine for men at home

Head over to YouTube and pick a fitness activity that interests you- Zumba, Dance, Pilates or Yoga, take your pick. The trick is to find your core activity for home fitness and then stick to it. But ensure that you make it a routine and do that particular exercise for at least twenty minutes, every day.

Tip: Don’t forget to kick-start your day with healthy and refreshing protein shakes.

Do high-intensity exercises that take less time

Do high-intensity exercises that take less time - Workout routine for men at home

Instead of working out for sixty minutes to burn 200 calories, do a high-intensity workout for fifteen minutes, which will give you the same result. You can start out with low-intensity exercises so that your body starts adhering to the sudden change in routine and gradually increase the intensity as per your requirement. After all, it is only when you push your limits that you bring out the best in you.

Tip: Use Cinthol Deostick for preventing body odour during these sessions.

Focus on your diet

Focus on your diet - Workout routine for men at home

The most important part of a home fitness routine is to follow a proper diet. A diet doesn’t mean starving yourself to death. Instead, it is a process that involves detoxification and eating in smaller proportions as per your body’s need. We understand you can’t go all healthy on your food habits from day one. Instead start with opting for healthier veggies instead of pizzas. Avoid dairy products and sugar, and start making customized lunch meals for office.

Tip: Make a diet plan and stick to, no matter what!

Whatever you do in your quest for fitness, don’t lose your sleep.


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