Your Summer Hair Care Routine 101


With the onset of summer and a change in temperature, we start to take immense care of what we wear, the amount of time our skin is exposed to the heat from the sun and how we smell. But we tend to neglect an aspect of our body that requires equal care and a change of routine as the weather changes.

You need to understand that this weather can spoil your hair. Women in particular, find the smartest way to fix their hair problem. However, it is the men who are left stranded about the condition of their hair during this weather. Ensuring that you take proper care of your hair is necessary to maintain and grow healthy hair.


Wash Hair More Often - Summer Hair Care Tips by Cinthol Awesome Men 

Washing your hair more often than you usually would is key when it comes to summer hair care. It is common that you sweat more during summer. Likewise, it is natural that the scalp tends to get dirty during this weather. Make sure that you wash your hair every alternate day. Keeping your hair clean will ensure that your hair and scalp stay healthy and looks great. However, an important thing to remember is not to indulge in over washing your hair. This will lead to breakage, avoid using excessive shampoo and wash only with water if you feel sweaty and dirty.


Trim Hair Short - Summer Hair Care Tips by Cinthol Awesome Men

Keeping your hairstyle short and trim is the best way to face the summer. The first tip towards maintaining your hair in summeris to assess your length and head to the barber for a quick trim. Keep your hair a reasonable length. This will lead to faster hair wash, less dandruff or sweating and less time spent taking care of your hair.


Avoid Blow Dryer - Summer Hair Care Tips by Cinthol Awesome Men

Washing your hair more often than usual means resorting to using the hair dryer just as frequently. Applying excessive heat on your hair can be detrimental to the quality of hair growth and affect your hair in the long run. Ensure that you consult a dermatologist for summer hair tips before you fix a routine for yourself or get your hair styled. Different types of hair require different ways of handling, pay attention to the way your hair reacts to products and treat it accordingly.


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