What is The Hype About the Shaved Side Haircut Trend?


Just like your wardrobe, your hairstyle also needs to change from time to time. A good way to stay presentable, stylish and trendy is by taking a look at the new trends that crop up every once in a while.

Your hairstyle needs to enhance your face cut and the texture of your hair. However, a few trends offer you the liberty of experimenting. One such versatile and uber cool hairstyle that has surfaced in the recent past is the shaved side haircut trend. So what exactly is the shaved side haircut?


 Shaved Side Haircut - Cinthol Awesome Men Img1

The shaved side haircut trend is the official cool version of the classic ‘shorter sides, longer top’ haircut. This trend has multiple variations and from the pompadour, quiff to the man bun, there is truly a style for everyone!


 Shaved Side Haircut - Cinthol Awesome Men Img2

A shaved side haircut has no set rules in terms of parting, required hair length or even texture. There are more than a 100 variations available in this particular trend. You can always choose to go with extremely short sides, especially if you have facial hair, this will help even things out! A stubble can help create an interesting contrast with your buzzed hair and is an unconventional look that you can try out in 2018.


Shaved Side Haircut - Cinthol Awesome Men Img3

The shaved side haircut is in-your-face, bold and makes a statement. Moreover, if you want to explore new hairstyles, hair extensions are a great option and can be an unconventional look to pull off. You can have slick back hair or spiked hair and try a low fade on the sides.


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