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A beard is a not just a style statement, anymore. It talks about your personality, the way you wish to portray yourself to the world and much more. Conventionally, beards were limited to a few styles and there was very less experimentation.

However, in today’s times, the kind of beards one can grow and the plethora of styles a man can experiment, are innumerable. Most men face the issue of being unable to decide which beard suits them best and how to maintain their facial hair. Here are a few different beard styles that you can experiment with!


The kind of beard style that is for the young and the carefree, this will allow you to keep your grooming regimen to the minimum. To achieve this look, all you need to do is grow your beard a little bit and trim it down but make sure it is not too close to the skin.


This is a short beard cut that features a soul patch and hair that is purposefully left in the dip above the lip. This brings out the cheek bones and can also be worn with thick side burns.

 Definition - A Short Beard Cut - Cinthol Awesome Men


The goatee has been around for decades and the thin goatee is a version of this popular beard style that works well if it is well-outlined before shaving. The hair on the chin needs to be shaved leaving behind a soul patch for mystery and charisma. Clean lines define the side burns and the neck can be left to its natural growth.


A short beard look that is great for a man who is vary of long beards and frowns upon their maintenance. Make sure you leave a strap of hair along your chin and jawline intact as you shave the remainder off, in order to achieve this look. Also keep the mustache trimmed and style it the way you prefer.


If your idea of a beard is a thick and rugged one, then this is the beard style that would do you complete justice. With a well-defined chin and a clean outline, this a beard style that will look best on a structured jawline.


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