Top Skin Care Concerns and How to Tackle Them


Skin problems and complications are not just restricted to women. Most men do not realize that many of their skin care issues can be solved rather easily by making a few changes and adjusting their routine.

Not only do men have facial hair, there are structural differences between a man’s skin and a woman’s skin.

But skin problems have nothing to do with masculinity because it does not distinguish between sexes. In other words, every single person can potentially suffer. Here are 5 of the most common dermatology concerns for men.


 A razor burn is the most common problem faced by men. In severe cases this can even cause blisters, raised bumps or a rash. A razor burn can be the result of poor shaving techniques and can even be something that happens when using an expensive razor. Men with sensitive skin are the ones most affected. So if you want to keep discomfort at bay, all you need to do is shave smarter. Make sure you wash your face in warm water before you shave. Use a good quality shaving gel and blade. Shave in quick short strokes against the grain and use a good cream after shaving to reduce the skin irritation that might cause redness or dryness.

  • ACNE

Acne is a problem that plagues not just a particular age group or gender, but is common to all.  Throughout our lives, pimples of all types can emerge out of nowhere, causing us to doubt how well we take our care of our skin. Changing your diet won’t help; and washing your face too much may actually cause your outbreak to worsen. The best way to treat acne is to consult your dermatologist and get a good recommendation of over the counter products.


Dark circles being the most common issue faced by most working individuals can really affect a man’s appearance. While some have baggy eyes due to genetics, some others face this problem due to lack of sleep, poor diet and stress. The only cure to this skincare problem is to ensure that you receive seven hours of good, uninterrupted and peaceful sleep. Take time to manage stress, talk to someone, go for a walk and exercise regularly. Eating healthier food items like incorporating fruits and green leafy vegetables in the diet can drastically improve your health.


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