Top 8 Hair Mistakes that Men Make


There are several hair mistakes that men tend to make while indulging in hair care and some of them can truly affect their quality and growth. The chances of your hair follicles facing the brunt of what you casually overlook is high and this can cause severe issues like balding, thinning of hair or dandruff sooner or later.

We decided to give you 8 simple hair care tips for men that will help you in the long run. In order to understand these solutions, one needs to first take a quick look at the top 5 mistakes that are made by men on a regular basis. Here is a list!

Using product on wet hair

This is the biggest issue that men face apart from over washing their hair. Water also dilutes the product considerably and will result in clumpy hair. Unless the instructions on men’s hair care products mention something specific, you should always use hair product on towel dried hair. A wet look does not mean applying the product on wet hair.

Being rough to your scalp

Now though you might think that this is not necessarily a problem, think again! Most men rush through their grooming routines and end up scratching their scalp while shampooing their hair. Although it seems like you have given your head a good massage it will weaken your hair follicles and cause dandruff in the long run. Rub your palms gently or the padded parts of your finger tips to promote circulation and feel the difference!

The wrong hairstyle

If you are someone who does not wish to spend a considerable amount of time washing, styling, blow drying and adding hair spray every single day before you head out for work, then make sure you choose a hairstyle that suits you best. A hairstyle that is stylish and also extremely efficient to pull off works best. If you are sporting a beard, there are also numerous hairstyles for men with beards available online which you can experiment with, however, take your barber’s advice before you chop away.

DIY hair dye

Colouring your hair, however glamourous and easy it seems, is not something that should be attempted at home. There are a lot of hair dye options that one can find attractive but unless you are sure about the process of applying and the techniques, do not take up the risk.

Excessive heat

Just like excessive hair washing, excess heat used on your hair can have a negative impact on the quality of your hair. Heat causes an effect that completely vaporizes out all of the moisture from your hair thus leaving it dry and prone to hair loss and hair damage. Long exposure to heat significantly reduced tyrosinase activity. Which means that melanin production gets reduced by a ton when you apply heat on your hair for a long period. This will lead to white and grey hair much faster than expected.


When it comes to your hair, less is more. Using excessive products in your hair such as hair wax or styling gel is one of the most common hair mistakes. Be it any product, apply it in moderate quantity or based on the need of the hairstyle. Use products based on the thickness of your hair and scalp type. Use Cinthol Hair Cream for best results.

Avoiding a hair dryer

Avoiding a hair dryer

No, using a hair dryer is not feminine by any lengths. It is a utility device meant for men and women both. Next time you wash your hair, do not shy away from using the hair dryer. It will not only save time as compared to air drying, but also aid in getting your hairstyle in place. Ensure you do not overuse the hair dryer as it could dry your scalp and cause dandruff.


You’ve to get your sideburns just the right length to avoid a common hair mistake. Both overgrown and shaved sideburns can make you look a time-traveler lost in the future. The right length is just an inch below the top part of your ear.

Other common hair mistakes are shaving off your temple points, shaving the neckline too high, not washing your hair for long. – the list goes on. Avoiding these common mistakes could set you on the right path to have a perfect hair day.


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