Top 4 Men’s Style Guide During the Monsoons – Cinthol Awesome Men


Every man has a few select wardrobe essentials and they vary from one season to the next. Being on top of the latest fashion trends and trying to keep your style edgy can be a challenge. Taking a quick look at the men’s dressing style guide that one needs to consider when the rain starts pelting down, so you no longer have to worry about getting stuck in the rain in a pair of suede moccasins, a black suit or simply without an umbrella!

The rainy season demands a different set of outfits and accessories from the ones that are worn in summer. Keeping that in mind, we have broken down a few absolute essentials that every man needs to have in his wardrobe when it starts to rain! You can always pair them with different outfits and experiment according to your personality.


These are shoes that contain no straps and traditionally come with a single or a double strap. The classic brown or black are the best colours to own for their classic look and ability to be worn over most outfits, but the newer and more contemporary colours such as blue, green or even red are making the rounds this year! You can have all the fun you want with this pair while still making sure they are extremely comfortable to wear when it rains.


From the classic red and black buffalo check to adding a little more variety to your outfit and going for plain colours like grey, red or even military green, the flannel shirt has gone from a side-line separate to a wardrobe basic in the last decade. You can use it for layering or simply wear it as a single garment. The flannel shirt has a more relaxed and casual vibe to it and can be worn with a pair of denims or chinos. This kind of a short works perfectly for the monsoon as it immediately cerates layers and keeps you away from the muck and rain.


The trench rain coat is a refined and more sophisticated version of the basic parka or a raincoat. A raincoat will also not offer as much insulation and for a colder climate, the trench coat is definitely a better choice. Go for subtle neutral colours like grey as they complement a range of formal as well as smart casual outfits.


A good pair of sturdy boots works well during the rain but a few things need to be kept in mind while choosing the material for the boots. Suede shoes get easily ruined in water and can be a task to clean. Rubber, however, provides immense durability and will keep you warm. Go for darker shades that have the power to be worn over most outfits. Boots are a great investment and can tag along with you in your travel kit.


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