Top 4 Haircuts to try in 2018


Getting a haircut might look like the easiest thing. After all, how difficult can it be! You simply head to the salon and let the barber take his course. But if you want to really accentuate your personality and stand apart in the crowd, you need to do a little bit of research on what hairstyle suits you best.

Thick hair can be trickier to deal with but requires thoughtful styling.

Voluminous hair brings out the texture and natural thickness but a short haircut can look smart and sassy! Here are the top 4 hair designs you should try out in the coming year! Be adventurous and experiment by trying out all the hairstyles.


Shaved Sides Haircuts - Cinthol Awesome Men

The shaved side haircut is raging this year and every second man is seen sporting one. And because of the incredible variety available, there is no need to imitate anyone’s style. Shaved sides embody the kind of hairstyle that someone with a free spirit would experiment with and is versatile as much as it is stylish. You can create a range of designs with this hairstyle which gives your look an edge and define your personality better. So try experimenting this year with styles and create your own version of the shaved side haircut, one that best fits your personality!


The neckline hair design has gained immense importance in the last few years and a beautiful design can really give your personality an edge. The neckline hair designs are usually on the back side along with double fades, V-shapes and taper haircuts. This is a trend for the adventurous and spunky man. Someone who is confident and exudes style, the neckline designs have a mysterious appeal to them!


Textured French Crop Haircut - Cinthol Awesome Men

This hairstyle is fixated on straight thick hair! The French crop is high on comfort as your hair doesn’t look shabby because of the clean sides, however, you can always play around with the top of your mane. Someone with wavy hair can give the French crop a messy look by adding a little texture.



Wear it Short Haircut - Cinthol Awesome Men

Your thick mane can be easily tamed by giving it a short and stylish look. If you have curls, get a bald fade and keep the textures on the top, short and clean. Use a short to medium hold pomade to keep it refined and elegant.


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