The Ultimate Monsoon Skin Care Routine for Men by Awesome Men Cinthol


A skin care regimen is unique to the kind of skin you have, the season, the weather among other factors.  Various skin types see a lot of change in their facial skin almost instantly with a change in the weather. While oily skin is prone to acne and pimples, men with dry skin maybe more prone to getting a rash.

These are issues that can be controlled and taken care of by maintaining a skin care routine religiously. This monsoon, here are a few things you need to know about your skin type! So make sure you practice monsoon skin care based on your skin type and see how your skin glows throughout the year.


Dry skin faces the issue of dehydration and more often than not, the humidity and dampness in the air can have a severe impact on your skin, if you fail to take proper care. The monsoon season sees a tremendous increase in dampness and this can affect your skin immediately. Washing your face and body for a considerable amount of time because you were out in the rain and muck will cause all the essential oils in your skin to be ripped away. Make sure you keep an eye on the amount of time you spend in the shower, this will have an impact on your skin. Washing your face twice a day with a mild soap and using a good moisturizer after showering are important habits. The rainy season sees an increase in humidity and this can strip away the oils that keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Talking about a personal grooming regimen, a beard oil is a product that is not escapable and cannot be compromised upon. Most men require a variety of products in their bathroom cabinet to keep themselves polished and groomed, the beard oil is one such simple addition that works to keep the beard manageable. Apart from a regular wash, facial hair also needs cleansing and moisture to ensure that your beard does not become itchy, dry and unmanageable.

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The oily skin type is the most difficult to handle during the monsoon. Due to an inherent presence of oil underneath the skin, moisturising is not your go-to option and the increase in humidity ends up making the face and body greasy, sticky and unmanageable. At such times, making sure you turn down the heat in the shower, using a good toner and keeping your pores clean at all times is necessary to avoid break outs and acne. The common misconception that someone with oily skin need not moisturise at all in the rainy season, is a myth that needs to change. Everyone needs to moisturise their skin and though the kind of moisturiser may vary, protecting your skin from the elements in the environment is essential. A good moisturiser will add the necessary hydration and keep your glowing.


Combination skin is tricky to deal with during the monsoon. Due to the dampness in the air, this skin type can become very oily and the solution lies in making sure that your pores are clean throughout the day. Wash your face with a good soap or a face wash and take steam to ensure the skin gets necessary hydration.


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