The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Hair Care


When it comes to hair care for men, most wear it tousled and find it more convenient to let their hair take its own course than spend time actively grooming it every day. However, you can indulge in a few grooming rituals that are basic and require you to ensure that the bare minimum is taken care of.

Here are a few tips that serve as the ultimate guide to grooming your hair on a daily basis.

Men love to style their hair with using a styling gel. The market is flooded with a variety of styling gels and waxes and they are different in composition and formulation. Men’s hair care products have increased in variety and number. And as men start grooming themselves in more refined ways and paying detailed attention to their tresses, these products become even more important in daily life.

Your choices include:

Hair wax – the wax clamps together creating firmer hold around hair.

Hair creams – they make a great option by blending oil, wax and polymers to allow maximum control.

Whichever product you choose, make sure that you use them sparingly as excessive use may have some side-effects. Use them in smaller quantities – take a tiny drop on your palm and then apply gently. If you have dandruff, try finding an alcohol free product as alcohol can lead to dryness.

When choosing a styling product, do not compromise by choosing one with low grade options. Do not indulge in styling treatments if you keep your hair very short. Styling treatments involve excessive use of heat and instruments that can impact your hair and cause hair loss or damage the roots. In most cases, the oil from the scalp is good enough to take good care of your hair. Short hair can style itself, so keep it chemical free.

Get regular haircuts and trims from a good hair stylist. Do not change the barber too often.

Whenever you have time, massage your hair and scalp gently with your fingertips using pure oil. Do it at least thrice a week to add strength and volume to your hair.

Simple tricks like these can help in improving the condition of your hair drastically and lead to lesser hair fall, hair damage and better quality of hair in the long run.


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