The Talk Of The Town Amongst Women


Aura, Swirl and Spark – these might seem like mere words to you, but they’re a lot more. They’re fragrances that are making the ladies go ecstatic.

Yes, we are talking about Cinthol Deostick – a cream-based deodorant that lasts 3 times longer than ordinary gas-based deodorants. And that’s not it. It’s gentle on skin and comes in a packaging which is convenient and attractive. With all those benefits, no wonder the women are going gaga over it.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the Deostick brings with it a positivity which only products from the house of Cinthol can. Its Aura fragrance instils a feeling of renewed energy, making the user and everyone around them feel alive.

The Swirl fragrance makes you want to chase life and live it to the fullest.

The Spark fragrance invigorates in its user the need to light a candle of change in her life.

Cinthol Deostick is the new ambassador of new-age deos and refreshing fragrances. No wonder, it’s become the talk of the town amongst women.


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