The Splash


Gradually, the world wide web is slowly becoming the only world we know of. The digital life has dulled our senses. We no longer splash in the puddles of creativity, and bask in the small joys that brightened our childhood and adolescence.

But there is a cure.

It requires us to unplug from social media every now and then, so we have time to breathe in a bit of nature. We must restore balance in our lives – a balance between real life and social media, just as we root for a balance between work and personal life. And, this balance is required before we fail to recognize the scent of flowers, the buzzing of the bees and the actual shimmer of a waterfall.

Speaking of waterfalls, wouldn’t it be positively refreshing to shower under one? And to make the experience even more heavenly, go ahead and use Cinthol Shower Gel. Their multiple natural fragrances – aquatic, citrus or green woody – never fail to soothe the senses.

However you choose to embrace nature, do so with the knowledge that you are making valuable use of your time which will only add, well, value to your life!


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