The Most Popular Haircuts of 2018 are Here!


Among the numerous men’s haircuts and hairstyles that have seen a rising trend in the past decade, there are a few that tend to stand out and make a mark. 2018 has seen the growth of the buzz cut, a change in the way men style their long mane and varied styles that are here to stay!

You can spend an immense amount of time on the chair of the barber pondering the perfect style for your face cut, but at the end of the day, most men resort to the classic “The Usual”. Experimenting a new style can be a lot of fun and especially, if the hairstyle is an approved and acclaimed one, it can rarely go wrong.

If 2018’s hair trends are anything to go by, expect the rise of longer, less conventional styles that overshadow the preppy, short back and sides styles that have dominated in recent years.


The unconventional punk styled hair is the pompadour’s younger brother and is the kind of hairstyle that does not easily fit into a formal environment. But if you can bring yourself to look smarter, cleaner and neater with a classic DIY punk look, you can always opt for this one. Punks can also be very practical, if you are growing your hair, this can get you easily through the awkward middle stage.


To maintain a masculine look, opt for longer hair that is sleeker and more refined. The long sweep is a hairstyle. “A lot of men’s shows this year showed slicked-back looks that use a gloss styling gel,” says Anthony Mayes, a stylist. Use a pomade or a hair styling cream that provides an adequate hold, apply the cream through damp hair and follow up with a comb.


This is a style and the kind of haircut that work brilliantly if you are someone who does not care for extreme hair styling and using products. If you use a matte product like a hair styling cream or hair gel, it will give you an easy yet dapper look that is quick to style and a hold that stays all day long. The soft parting is easy to accomplish and can rarely ever go wrong.

Use the Cinthol hair Gel for keeping your hair in place all day, the two variants will provide the adequate hold.

Cinthol Wet Hold Hair Gel


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