The Haircare Guide For Men Who Are Always On The Go


Life is an adventure for you and you are always on the run. But amidst all the grueling gym sessions and travel vacations, you often find it hard to cope with hair issues.

Solution? 5 quick fixes in hair care routine! 

Shampoo twice a week

If using shampoo on your hair every day is your idea of keeping it frizz-free, it is time for some rethinking.  This routine has some severe consequences as shampoo strips your hair of its natural oil and leaves it dry and frizzy. So altering this habit with only shampooing twice a week will seal the deal and also give you more time to go chase being awesome.

Reverse Conditioning

Reverse conditioning! A conditioner locks your hair moisture whereas shampoo strips it of its natural oil. So conditioning your hair before applying shampoo means reversing the whole process. Your hair will retain moisture even after you shampoo it, thus making it softer and manageable.

Dry shampoos at the rescue

Dry shampoos can be real lifesavers for travel enthusiasts. A dry shampoo works like a regular shampoo minus the whole process of lathering and rinsing. You just need to spray it on your hair, and that’s it. These shampoos soak in the excess sebum but do not absorb the good oils, thus proving to be a better alternative than regular shampoos.

Switch to deep conditioning masks

Instead of the many DIY hair masks made of eggs, honey, oils, etc., just buy a deep conditioning mask that works wonders for your hair in five minutes and less. These masks contain all the right ingredients for nourishing your hair and will save you enough time to take that weekend Taekwondo class.

Invest in hair sunscreens

You should never step outside your home without covering your hair.  The sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays can cause extreme damage. They even lead to hair breakage and hair loss.  The solution? Hair Sunscreens! A hair sunscreen comes in a spray form and safeguards your hair in the best possible way. It contains SPF and is ideal for men who are always on the go.

Set a haircut routine

It is important to pick a routine for your haircut as your mane could look unruly without proper upkeep. Ensure that you get a haircut regularly and touch it up to maintain your style.

Use shampoo with natural ingredients

Shampoos based on natural ingredients such as tee tree oil, cedarwood, amino acids are better than those with chemicals as you would have to wash hair often. Chemical-laden shampoos could rob you off the oil on your scalp, leading to dandruff and hair-fall.

Matte products for thinning hair

Men with thinning hair could make use of matte styling products to give their hair more volume. It is a quick fix for an important meeting where you need to look your best. Matte products absorb light and make your hair look thicker.

Handle with Care

It is natural for men to be rough with their hair, especially when they are in a hurry. This only causes more damage. When drying your hair do not rub it aggressively with a towel. Instead pat it dry gently while also massaging the scalp. While combing or brushing, run it through your hair in a smooth movement without tugging at any hair knots. Both these actions would help reduce hair-thinning and hair fall.

Use good styling products

Switch to products that are not only enriched with vitamins and minerals, but also provides UV protection to your hair. Our recommendation? Use Cinthol Hair Gel and Cinthol Hair Cream for healthy and nourished hair.

A little goes a long way when it comes to haircare, and by tweaking your everyday routine just a little bit, you can get a healthy mane for life.


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