The Freshness Essentials


Armpit sweat is one of the main causes of body odour. As we all know, good personal hygiene helps keep body odour away. Moreover, smelling good is a huge boost to one’s confidence.

Bathing keeps your body clean and fresh. It also helps you get rid of armpit odour emanating from excessive sweating.

Another way of maintaining personal hygiene is by using deodorant sprays. And if you ask any doctor, s/he will recommend using alcohol-free deodorants as they avoid causing skin irritation and allergies. Plus, they don’t cause skin dryness, and are gentle on the skin. Cinthol deodorants are devoid of alcohol and come with all of the above benefits.And regular use of Cinthol deodorants helps eliminate armpit odour.

In addition to regular bathing and using alcohol-free deodorants, it is essential to follow a diet which is rich in fruits and green leafy vegetables. And of course, always drink plenty of water.

When all of the above guidelines are followed, it’ll help you decrease armpit odour, and lead you to live a healthy lifestyle.


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