The Five Fragrances To Make You Feel Alive


Alive is Awesome. But what exactly does it mean to feel alive? To be alive is to live life like there’s no tomorrow, to do something remarkable, to live a life of purpose and with contentment. As you go about conquering each day and making the most of every moment, here are 5 fragrances from the Cinthol Deo Spray range that will help you live life by the ‘ Alive is Awesome’ mantra.

1. Cinthol Play:
Stay fresh and active all day long with the Cinthol Play Deo spray. Keeps your skin safe from damage and irritation.

2. Cinthol Energy:
Stay turbo-charged and energized with the musky, premium fragrance of the Cinthol Energy Deo spray.

3. Cinthol Intense:
Feel attractive and intense with the Cinthol Intense Deo spray. Has a strong stimulating, masculine fragrance built on warm woody notes.

4. Cinthol Rush:
Rush through the day with Cinthol Rush Deo spray. Keeps you in high spirits with its energetic and spicy fragrance.

5. Cinthol Dive:
Dive into action with Cinthol Dive Deo spray. Offers an aquatic fragrance that leaves you feeling cool and refreshed.


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