The Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Men


Whether you are growing your hair or trying a new hairstyle, there is no shortage of classic and trending haircuts to pick from this year.

Whether your hair is straight, curly or an afro, the type of medium-length hairstyle you go for will depend on factors such as your overall style, face shape and hair type.

To achieve this look, you will have to make sure your hair is in perfect condition.

For a low-effort, high-style cut that leans towards the shorter side of medium, it’s hard to go wrong with a tight back and sides. With this, leave enough length on top to work through some product for a look that is as relevant in your grandfather’s day as it is today.

Length is not always a definitive stance when choosing a hairstyle, but if texture is the ultimate aim, a tousled top, capable of being worn up as a loose quiff or down with a fringe, can be a very good choice.

There are a variety of medium length hairstyles for men that wear their hair a particular length. Apart from the pompadour, there are a variety of haircuts that look fashionable and yet are the perfect style for men with medium hair length. If your hair is still growing out from a previous shorter style, this will mean frequent trips to the barber shop to have the ends of your hair trimmed.

This will also give you enough opportunity to take the advice of the barber about which style to sport and the kind of upkeep or maintenance required.

If your hair is thick, the best way forward is to ask your barber to chop off a little extra mane to remove the extra bulk. This will give your hair good enough volume to maintain it more efficiently.

Using your hair length to your advantage and working out newer styles or haircuts around it is a great way to experiment with the extra mane you are blessed with. So let go off hesitation and take the plunge, get yourself a cool new hairstyle from some of the ones mentioned above.


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