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6 tips to use eucalyptus oil for your fuzzy beard

When it comes to real beards, Movember isn’t really an event. Every month of every year is about the beard. That’s because beards are a natural extension of awesome men. Men who are active, rugged, adventurous, and always on top of their game.

And caring for your beard is a top priority, obviously. Razors and blades are always friendly and effective, but sometimes the beard may get unruly and throw a tantrum. Just for that, we have a recommendation like no other – Eucalyptus Oil.

Apart from anti-inflammatory uses, it naturally promotes hair growth and is an amazing option for growing and maintaining a beard. So, let’s see how you use it to care for your magnificent beard.

You can follow these tips to use eucalyptus oil as a part of your daily routine:

1. After shower ritual

Always use eucalyptus oil after taking a shower. When you apply the oil on damp facial hair, it seeps into your skin, working efficiently on the roots triggering hair growth. Ensuring you’re ready to take on the day.

2. How much is enough?

Any essential oil on its own is very potent and the same goes for eucalyptus oil. 3-4 drops of this oil will work wonders for growing a beard. While a tougher, full grown beard needs a few more for that extra strength.

3. Mix with carrier oils

We suggest you mix eucalyptus oil with other carrier oils like almond, coconut or olive oil. This will keep its potency intact, while giving you the additional benefit of a carrier oil as well.

4. Massage to keep the beard calm

Use a beard comb to ensure that the oil reaches the roots and then slowly massage on for some time to get your blood circulation going.

5. Give it time, let it breathe

Eucalyptus oil can really add more life to your facial hair if you let it rest for a long time. Those with sensitive skin might want to wash it off in an hour maybe.

6. Regularity rules

Eucalyptus oil is extremely gentle and can be used daily as a part of your beard care regime. Alternatively, you can use it 3-4 times a week as well.

Now that you have the oil, you can let your beard roam about and explore. Remember, venturing out to explore the world is the best feeling and with a majestic beard, it’s awesome. Unbeatably awesome.


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