Skin Care Tips to Follow during the Rainy Season!


The seasons have seen a change and the rain brings with it numerous changes in grooming routines for men and women alike. While some men have dry skin which sustains better during these months of high humidity, men with oily or combination skin face the brunt of the change in climate.

At such times it becomes extremely important to know basic skin care in rainy season and implement it in your daily routine for these three months. We suggest 3 simple ways to ensure that your skin stays glowing and healthy throughout the monsoons, this year!


Hydration is very important and for men with dry skin, drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself hydrated is extremely essential. While men with dry skin find it reasonably better to survive the heat and the rainy season as there exists tremendous humidity in the air, those with oily skin are prone to developing acne. Make sure you avoid hot shower baths as this can lead to skin rashes in rainy season and red patches. Drink a good amount of water and keep yourself sufficiently hydrated during the day.


For men with dry skin, moisturizing is key! For people who have oily skin, excessive moisture can deteriorate the skin and lead to excessive sweating. Make sure you use the correct amount of moisture when using creams and lotions. During the monsoon, the air is humid and excessive moisture can work against your body.


The dampness in the air can lead to various issues. Make sure you change into warm clothes and cleanse your entire body with a good soap immediately after returning from the outdoors. A lot of dirt and bacteria gets attached to our bodies when we commute or go outdoors in this season and fungal infections and diseases are more common because of the dirty water. At such times taking care of your skin, hair and body is essential. The skin is in immediate contact with the environment and thus it becomes crucial to take proper care and maintain a good grooming regimen for these 3 months.


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