Packing Hacks for your next Weekend Getaway


The second half of the year is officially a time when various holidays are on the charts and taking a trip is easier due to the weather conditions, abundant festivals and holidays lined up. Taking a short trip with your best mates or your family can be exciting and can take your mind off work. It can be relaxing and a time for rejuvenation and recreation.

While taking a trip may be an easy, packing for one is a task and ensuring that you pack light, pack quick and yet are successful in carrying everything you need, is something that most of us strive for. Here are a space saving hacks that will keep you on your toes and guarantee that you don’t miss out on the few essentials that we all truly need.


Carrying a ton of things that you most probably will not end up using, is the biggest mistake most travellers make when taking a vacation. The more you pack, the more challenging it becomes to carry your luggage around. At such times, packing light and taking along things that are an absolute necessity works. In case you are hiking or trekking, carrying rolls instead of folding your clothes is a quick trick to incorporate. Group together your T-shirt, shorts and other garments and roll them together for easy access in the mornings. This will not only make it easier for you to segregate outfits for every day, it will also save space.

 Guide to Carry Stuff While Travelling - Awesome Men


The biggest challenge that men tend to face when they go on a trip where they need to pack a suit or a blazer, is ensuring it fits in the tiny suitcase you plan to carry. Linen suits are extremely popular outfit choices for summer weddings and such other occasions, but they also tend to wrinkle easily and that can be a deterrent to carrying them along on your trip. The best way to ensure you carry a suit is to purchase a garment bag and fold it as per the instructions given.


Avoid carrying products and towels if you are staying in luxurious resorts or hotels. Most accommodations provide towels and necessities that one requires based on demand. Carrying hair tools and heating equipment is also something that can be completely avoided. Stick to basic necessities and plan in advance based on where you are planning to stay.  Pack the one product that will keep you sorted for the entire stay. Cinthol has a head to toe wash that will ensure you don’t need to carry separate products.

Cinthol Head to Toe Wash - Awesome Men


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