Most Common Skin Problems during Monsoons and How to Tackle Them?


There are several problems that crop up with the advent of the rain and common skin troubles is one of them. There are many issues that need to be dealt with by taking proper care and by ensuring that you treat your skin the correct way. We decided to list a few common skin problems that men face in this season and ways to tackle them effectively.

  • ACNE

Acne and rash is something most men face often and depending on your skin type, the kind of care that you need to take during the monsoon will vary. Excessive oil content in the skin can lead to pimples and having a hot shower in the monsoons when you return from the outdoors or using natural soaps and oil free ingredients. Monsoon skin care will be different from your summer grooming regimen and making these small changes depending on your skin is essential.


Excessive Sweating - Monsoon Skin Problem

The humidity in the air is higher during the monsoons and due to the increase in dampness, there can be excessive sweating in this season. For men with oily skin, avoid using excessive moisturisers and lotions. The kind of food you consume also has an impact on your skin and body. Apply a mixture of honey and lime to your face daily to keep your face from becoming very oily.


This is a common monsoon skin problem that men tend to face because of constantly keeping your feet enclosed or in contact with water or simply failing to wipe the parts in between your toes clean and dry. Fungal infections occur due to keeping your feet damp for longer periods and these infections can spread to your toenails and to the sides of your feet. Wash your feet and dry them thoroughly when you are back home from work or playing on the field and ensure there is no scaling, flakiness or itchiness.


Men with dry skin face the issue of flaking, rashes, itchiness and the best solution to ensure that these problems are kept at bay is to apply a good moisturiser daily. Refrain from using astringent lotions that are strong and made using chemicals, these can increase dryness of skin and cause rash.


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