Men’s grooming kit essentials


Men’s grooming is no longer restricted to owning a razor or a deodorant and has gone beyond the traditional ways. It has opened up a whole new industry and from fancy fragrances, flavoured moisturisers to the slightly less glamorous products likely to be propped up in your bathroom cabinet; male grooming essentials can be a complicated matter!

However, deciding on the basics that should form a part of your daily routine is not a hard task and here are the top three grooming products that you need to stock up on, in order to ensure you are always at the top of your game!

• Men’s shaving kit

Men's Shaving Kit - Cinthol Awesome Men

A well-equipped shaving set complete with beard trimmers, electric razor, after shaves and pre-shave creams is a must! Winter will bring up dry skin and you need to own moisturisers that will ensure you are prepared for the drop in temperatures. Identify your skin type and purchase products accordingly. Make a quick list of items that you are likely to use and invest in those. Avoid buying a wide range of products, be picky and frugal in your purchases.

• Men’s hair product kit

Men's Hair Product Kit - Cinthol Awesome Men

Ensuring you own good quality products is important when making a purchase. Go for quality over quantity and cut down on the number of products if you face budget constraints. A good shampoo and conditioner is a pre-requisite for hair grooming and avoid thinning. You need not spend hours styling your hair but a little care from time to time can flatter your appearance. If you aren’t sure about the products to pick, consult your barber or simply test a couple of different male grooming products to understand your necessities. Hair oils, serums and masks are products that can make your hair look glossier and hydrated.

• Cologne

Men's Grooming Kit Essentials - Cinthol Awesome Men

A good fragrance can set your mood for the day! It’s the easiest way to further enhance your outfit without actually adorning a garment. Try out a variety of fragrances and take your pick depending on your personality. A signature cologne should be a part of your personal grooming kit and should preferably be one that is long lasting. A man with a good smell is inherently more confident and thus exceedingly charming to the world.


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