How to Use Cinthol Deodorant Spray the Right Way


Cinthol deodorants are available in a variety of fragrances. All their variants are made with zero alcohol. They protect your skin from damage and irritation. And if you are someone who has to travel far for work and is out of the house almost 10 hours a day, then you must use one of Cinthol’s deodorants as they will not only keep you free from odour, but also help you stay refreshed.  To serve their purpose well, ensure that you spray them correctly, as follows.

  • Shake the can before use. Remove the cap from the can, and point the can at the part of your body you wish to spray.
  • Hold the can around 6-8 inches away from the body surface.
  • Spray the deodorant for about 2-3 seconds. Repeat, if required.
  • Close the can, and smell your way to divine freshness.

While you apply deo, follow these guidelines as well.

  • Apply your deo as soon as you are done with your shower. It doesn’t help if you spray the deo after you’ve already started sweating.
  • Its baseless to spray deo on your clothes. Doing so will only make your fabric smell good.


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