How to Manscape the Right Way


Something about manscaping makes us all cringe and really doubt what it implies, right? Well! The modern man no longer gets patronised by the concept of manscaping and if done the right way, it can actually be immensely appealing and healthy. To manscape is to essentially take care of your appearance and ensure that you look presentable and less shabby!

Waxing, getting a manicure or a pedicure might be activities that are generally expected to be performed by women. However, in today’s day and age, there are no such boxes. Men are and should be equally interested and inclined towards keeping their hands and feet clean. Hygiene is one aspect of manscaping which cannot be ignored. So leave aside the feelings of emasculation and take a look at simple tricks that will lead to manscaping, but the right way!


Trim your brows! Yes. It might sound unnecessary and futile but the eyebrows are the first feature that gets noticed when one looks at the face. Start your brow grooming with a simple trim at the salon. Use a blunt end scissors and a beard comb to drag hair that is out of line. Tweezers will also do the trick!


Clearly visible nose hair is something that one needs to look into and immediately work at removing. Go for an electric trimmer that will be at your disposal whenever you need to remove a hair or two. Plucking out nose hair is not advisable as this can lead to infection and also draw tiny amounts of blood.


Unless you really need to, keep some of the chest hair intact. Chest hair needs to be trimmed but not completely removed. Using a good quality electronic trimmer will help you keep your chest hair groomed. How much hair you wish to keep is a choice that every man makes on his own, adjust your trimmer’s guard depending on your hair growth and desired finish.

Although, hair control is what manscaping aims at, it also could be used to include other grooming acts. Choose between an epilator, razor, trimmer and make sure you define the kind of hair growth you are comfortable with. Don’t give in to what people have to say, it’s something you should decide for yourself based on your hair growth. So if you feel you will be more confident and healthy by trimming down the hair, go for it! Manscaping is something all men can embrace, just make sure you do it right!


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