How to Avoid a Shaving Rash and Ingrown Hair?


Shaving your facial skin and dealing with ingrown hair or hair that has not completely grown can be annoying and seem like a task, if proper attention is not paid on a regular basis. Establishing a good grooming routine that prevents problems like shaving rashes, ingrown hair that is difficult to remove or razor burns, is key when you are short on time and have a hectic work schedule. So what exactly is a shaving rash and how does one deal with it?

Shaving rash, also called shaving bumps or razor bumps is quite a step up on the irritation scale from razor burn. It occurs when recently shaved hair grows back into the skin, becoming an ingrown hair. We came up with 3 simple ways to tackle these common problems.


An extremely crucial aspect of shaving is making sure that you shave the right way. Shaving against the grain may result in a smoother shave in the immediate aftermath, but is far more likely to result in ingrown hair on face. If you want to avoid razor burn, always shave with the grain. In addition, limiting the amount of strokes it takes you to shave will prevent irritation, especially with modern cartridge razors.


Exfoliating Cream - Mens Facial Skin Care Guide

Exfoliating is key before you start shaving as it helps to remove the excess dirt and debris that gets stuck on your facial skin during the day. This will also prevent razor clogging and reduce skin irritation. Make sure you take a steamy shower before you plan to shave as this will open up your pores and soften your hair and skin. Lather up and use a badger shave brush to shave off your beard. Use good facial scrubs and creams that will soften your skin and give it the care it needs.


Using correct tools is as important as knowing the technique. You can try using a safety razor as using one blade can be more helpful than the multiple blades that come in modern razors and cause skin irritation. Speak to your barber and get advice on the kind of trimmers, razors and other products that you use. Ensure that these products fit your skin type and keep creams and moisturisers handy that will ease and cool off the irritated skin after a shaving session.


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