Hair Products For Men


With the numerous hair products for men that are making the rounds, choosing a selected few that would work well on your hair type is extremely essential. Have you compared the different hair products available and come to a decision about what is best suited for your hair?

Hair styles are not a complicated affair if you have your basics in place. Here are 5 products that you need in your styling kit.

  • Pomade

The one thing you are guaranteed of when it comes to a pomade is the shine that it adds to your hair. So applying pomade once in a while to look stylish and dapper is a great idea if you make sure that you are minimal and conservative in your application. Rubbing on a tad bit more than required can make your hair look oily.

  • Hair cream

Hair Cream - Hair Care Products for Men

Hair cream works well for every man who wishes to look presentable but is too tired to get into intricacies like which hair gel or hair wax to use. Most hair creams are meant to soften your hair and add a touch of shine but will not guarantee a hold. The hair cream is also not your go-to product if you desire to add volume, but can give you a natural looking hairstyle.

  • Dry shampoo

Lazy to shower after a hectic day at work? How often have you faced this dilemma of not wanting to take a shower but your hair demanding that you need one? A stellar solution to this never-ending procrastination in washing one’s hair lies in using the dry shampoo. A good quality dry shampoo will take out the greasiness in your hair and give your locks a matte look that can easily go another day without being washed.

  • Hair spray

This is a classic hair styling product that every man needs in his wardrobe. Without the heaviness of a wax, putty, clay or pomade, a hair spray will also help in adding sufficient volume to your hair and provides different kinds of hold to different types of hairstyles. The best way to keep your styled hair in place is to carry around a hair spray.

  • Salt spray

Have you ever wondered how your hairstyle changes every time you visit the beach? Well, that’s just the salt water that absorbs the excess oil from your hair and gives it a texture that otherwise can be only achieved by using the salt spray on your hair. This is a that can be easily used on any kind of hair- curly, waxes or straight and a simple spritz of the spray will usually work well in adding definition to your look.


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