Hair Loss Remedies


Hair loss is a problem that plagues one-third of the world’s population.  There are various reasons for hair loss in men, stress being a huge contributor. Your dietary habits and lifestyle choices are the primary reason for hair loss. Here are some hair loss remedies and hair care tips on how to grow hair faster that can stimulate hair growth and make your hair healthy, shiny and stronger!


This is one of the easiest ways to increase hair growth. Massage your scalp for 10 minutes every day. A scalp massage helps in circulating the blood which brings oxygen to the follicles. This is a great way to cure baldness in the long run. Massaging your scalp regularly can work better than a lot of hair treatments available.


Healthy Lifestyle Choices - Hair Loss Remedies

There is a science attached to these home remedies and certain studies show that animal fat intake can lead to an increase in sebum production in the body which blocks the hair follicles. This can hamper hair growth and result in loss of hair due to weak pores. Take a conscious decision and reduce the red meat intake from your diet. Include more fish instead.


 Alternative To Shampoo - Hair Loss Remedies

Shampoos are not the be all and end all for washing your hair. Avocado, coconut oil, egg wash, vinegar, honey are a few items that can easily be used to rinse your hair and allow unhindered hair growth. The beneficial nutrients in these products can boost hair growth faster than any hair treatment.


Tackle Sweat - Hair Loss Remedies

An adventurous lifestyle comes with a set of issues and the biggest one is having to deal with excessive sweating. Trekking, hiking and being outdoors can all cause sweating. If you fail to address the same, it can be a cause for hair loss as sweat accumulates in pores and weakens the follicles. Men who wear helmets face tremendous hair loss. Try using a scarf over your hair to avoid sweating. Men with oily hair also experience dandruff which increases the chances of hair loss. The best way to tackle dandruff is to use a medicinal shampoo prescribed by a physician. Extracts of neem can be applied to cool your scalp.


De - Stress - Hair Loss Remedies

A big reason for hair loss is stress and men who work long hours often fail to take care of their health. Your health can never take a back seat. It takes a few minutes every day to pay attention to your body, skin and hair and it should be as important as your next meeting. Take a vacation once in a while, spend time with family and friends and learn to de-stress. Your work is a part of your life and not your life! Strike a good balance between work and personal life and you won’t be needing hair loss remedies at all.


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