Fragrances of Freshness


A fragrance, by its very nature, is supposed to be evocative. A mere spray or dab of the fragrance should trigger a special feeling or bring to mind the memory of an event that remains etched in our minds forever. But most importantly, fragrances must bring about a feeling of freshness, a zeal to embrace life and do more with it.

Consider the three fragrances which Cinthol Deostick comes in. The Aura fragrance leaves a lingering feeling of energy and enthusiasm. The Swirl fragrance pushes users to grab all opportunities that life offers them. The Spark fragrance instills the need to be the catalyst of change in people’s lives. All these variants to opt from, yet neither of them fails to make one feel refreshed.

So, the next time you’re out to shop for a fragrance, pause and ask yourself: What feeling would you want the fragrance to bring with it?


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