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With every new season, hairstyles change and modern hairstyles for men crop up or simply old ones that have more reason to be tried out in a particular weather, come to the fore front. Similarly, the monsoons see a drastic change in the weather with an increase in humidity and thereby a considerable hike in dampness. This can change the way your hair feels and maintaining it or being presentable at work or for meetings can prove to be a challenge. There are certain hairstyles that naturally go well with the monsoon season and allow you to sit back and relax once you style it before heading out in the morning. Here are a few that you can try out, this rainy season!


This is a hairstyle that goes exceedingly well with the monsoon season and does not require over the top effort. The advantage of this style is that it works well with the humidity in the air and does not get drastically affected by the rain or a little dampness in your hair. A classic side partying will make your hair look dapper and super stylish and a good hair gel will provide sufficient amount of hold to keep your hair shiny and in place, throughout the day.


The high shine and slick hairstyle is one that has been in trend since decades and will never really go out of style. This is a one of the cool hairstyles for men that requires less effort to maintain it and can be easily managed in the rainy season. The shiny hair will allow you to let your hair get a little damp or wet and not worry about the hairstyle going awry and looking disgruntled. If you ensure that you apply the correct products, it can seem like not a single hair is out of place. This is the perfect hairstyle for the monsoons when you have an important meeting or have to attend a formal event.

The Cinthol Hair Gel is one such product that can be used to keep your hair groomed during this season. This gel contains hyper strong hibiscus flower extracts which nourish the roots entirely and strengthen the skin beneath your hair. This is extremely important when your hair is frequently exposed to dust, dirt and pollution.

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Curly Fringe - Cool Hairstyles for Men

There are numerous kinds of fringe hairstyles available for men. However, the best way to style your hair with a fringe in the monsoons is to keep it short and smart. Curly hair is the perfect texture for trying a fringe and if your hair is thin, you can always get away with a blunt cut fringe. Forget about the times when you were told that your curls will need flattening. This is one hairstyle that works magic on big hair and thick, frizzy curls.


Shaved sides is a hairstyle that works wonders in the monsoon and is the simplest and most accessible hairstyle to flaunt in this humid weather. Shaved sides come with a host of different styles and textures and making sure that you go for a proper haircut is key when you decide to go for the shaved sides look.


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