Best Beard Styles For Short Hair


In the past few years, facial hair and beard styles have transformed from something you needed to take care of to the ultimate expression of your personality. Facial hair has the power to change your look, amp up your style quotient and even draw away attention from that thinning thatch.

Now apart from the numerous beard styles available for different face cuts, have you ever considered your hairstyle being an added element while choosing your desired beard style? Well, we are here to help. These are a few styles that go well with short hair.

  • Bandholz

Bandholz Beard Style for Short Hair

The Bandholz is a beard that is simply another version of the full beard. This is a beard style that requires half a year or more to grow. The bandholz is suitable for someone who has short hair and wishes to amplify his look by creating a fuller beard to take away attention from a round or small face. This is a beard style that requires minimum care as an occasional trim would suffice to maintain the length and contour.

  • The uniform

The Uniform Beard Style for Short Hair

The uniform beard, like the name implies, is a beard style that is proportionate and uniform in length. It is neither too long for your face, nor very short. This is a beard style where the moustache needs to blend in uniformly with the beard. The full beard is expected to extend up to 2 inches from the chin, giving the edges a rounded effect.

  • Beardstache

Adding hyper-masculinity to the face, this rugged beard style is overly dependent on a great moustache. You will need moustache wax and a moustache comb that will help you keep this beardstache groomed and well-maintained. The moustache is the dominating element in a beardstache and is usually kept longer and fuller as compared to the other beard styles.

  • The short beard

The Short Beard Style for Short Hair

A dialled down version of the lumber-jack, the short beard is a beard style that is perfect for short hair. Being minimal and precise in its maintenance and look, this is a beard for a man who does not have excessive time for grooming and trimming frequently. To keep your beard looking fresh, applying a good beard oil is a great idea.


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