Beard Styles Based On Your Sun Sign!


Your zodiac sign dictates your fashion sense and preferences, and beards are no exception. So this Movember, to celebrate the spirit of your awesome beard, we have decoded your beard style based on your sun sign.


Aries are the ones who exude confidence effortlessly. An anchor beard suits your strong personality, reinforcing your power and looking stunning as well.


Taurus sun sign - Full Beard style

Reliable and calm, a Taurus man signifies stability. A full beard of a significant length, matches the rock-solid determination and the dependable persona of a Taurus man.


Gemini sun sign - Clean shave or light stubble style

Gemini men are usually creative. Explore various beard variations to showcase color and versatility. Geminis are born attractive and hence a clean shave wouldn’t hurt either.


Cancer sun sign - Messy Beard Style

Messy beards are raw and have a charm of their own. Cancerians are ruled by multiple emotions and are cluttered by various thoughts and persona. A messy beard suits them perfectly.


If you think ’classy’, you’d probably think of a Leo. Imperious in approach and awe-inspiring by appearance, a Leo looks amazing in a circle beard, the classiest cut of them all!


Virgo sun sign - extended Goatee style

The rawness of an extended Goatee speaks for a man who is witty and sharp, like a Virgo. It is almost the perfect beard, neither too long nor too short. It gives a concrete look that every man desires to have.


A beard is quintessential to man, his unique appearance trait. But who said that only a beard is manly? A clean shave is equally masculine, especially for the ones who take great self-care, just like a Libra man.


Scorpio sun sign styles - Stubble beard

For Scorpios, who just want to be themselves, the stubble suits them to the hilt! A little attention to keeping the length short ensures that it doesn’t come in the way of their free spirit.


Sagittarius sun sign - Bandholz beard style

Donning a Bandholz is stylish at the same time reeks of masculinity, but it also exudes smartness and intelligence. Traits that personify a brainy and witty Sagittarian.


Capricorn is known for being himself and controlling everything with his inherent intellect. The most appealing bit though is the manner in which he carries himself that is signified impressively by an irresistible French-cut beard.


Aquarius sun sign - Goatee beard style

An Aquarius needs very less to impress, and a Goatee suits his cool approach to life perfectly.


Pisces is all emotions and brooding looks. So a Van Dyke beard works pretty well for these awesome men.

Now that you know what your sun sign suggests, go ahead and experiment with your magnificent beard.


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