Beard Growth Tips


Have you been contemplating how to grow a beard? Most newbies have very little knowledge about beard grooming and with the immense literature available on the internet, it can be quite confusing.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to beard grooming, from different accessories that can accentuate your look to variations in styles and length or simply the wide range of male beard grooming products available these days.

Here are five easy pointers which will give your beard growing idea a boost in the right direction!

  • Know your face

The very first thing to identify when it comes to growing a beard is how fast and thick is your facial hair growth. A full beard cannot really be an option when you have little hair unless patience is a virtue you hold! Get a clear look at your face, jawline, the shape and decide how you want to wear your beard. A full beard, though requiring the least maintenance, takes a good four or five months to grow!

  • Resist the itch

Because you aren’t used to it, the itch can be a real nuisance at times. The first two or three weeks will be high on discomfort and your endurance levels will be tested in this time. All you need to do is resist the itch and not give in to the temptation of scratching it or constantly touching your face.

  • Groom the beard

Once your beard has started to grow and you are a month into the process, your next step is to start maintaining the same. Getting a good routine in place and understanding ways to trim your beard regularly will help you to keep it in shape. Grooming is a good way to keep your appearance in check and to ensure you are always presentable.

  • Keep a Beard Grooming Kit

Building your own beard grooming kit is essential when growing a beard. Borrowing trimmers and scissors from your friend can’t last long and there are a variety of products that need to be incorporated in a kit if you are serious about the beardly arts. A sturdy beard comb, a nose-hair trimmer, the essential beard oils and after shave are a few examples.

  • Be consistent

The final straw is to be consistent and patient in your approach when growing a beard. The nature of your hair will define the amount of time that will go in maintenance. Each length will present different challenges and ensuring you are on top of your beard game is something you an easily manage by taking out half an hour from your day for beard care.

Here is a list of different beard styles depending on your personality type that could help you zero down on the style you want for yourself:


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