Beard Grooming Tips: How to Groom a Beard this Monsoon


How to groom a beard during the monsoon season is a question most men face when the rain starts pelting and the humidity in the air sees a drastic increase. Along with this, there comes a host of beard problems that arise due to the change in temperatures, grooming routines and the environment. We made a list of common beard problems that men tend to face in the monsoons and simple ways to tackle them!


Making sure your beard is clean and all the dirt, pollen or particles that get stuck in the hair when you are outdoors is removed, washed and cleaned when you are back at home is very essential to maintain the quality of your hair. This will also ensure that the skin beneath the beard stays healthy and allergy free. Using a good beard wash and a conditioner that keeps the hair smooth is a good solution if you wish to style your beard the next day. Beards can get damp very easily in the monsoon and keeping them dry and styled perfectly will need you to pay due care to your luscious mane.


There are many beard grooming tips that everyone will offer when you attempt to grow and maintain a beard. Using the correct beard products is something you need to focus on and finding out your skin type, the quality of your hair and the perfect products that ensure this, is a good way to go about growing your mane. A good beard oil will provide the essential nutrients to your facial hair and also moisturise the skin to keep it from getting flaky, dry and itchy. Acne and itching are very common issues during the monsoon due to the increase in humidity and dampness, a good beard oil and beard wash will ensure the itch stays away and your beard stays hydrated and clean throughout the day.


Most men find it difficult to believe that the food they consume will have a direct impact on their beard growth. The kind of food you consume can change the health of your beard or your skin. Consuming junk food or unhealthy food can lead to thinning of hair, dryness, lesser hair growth and poor quality of hair. It is best to eat home cooked food in the monsoons and including proteins and vegetables in your diet will ensure a good balance of nutrients.


Trimming your beard in the monsoons is a good way to tackle beard sweat, itchiness, dryness of scalp, etc. It can be quite a challenge to wash your beard and dry it frequently when it is raining and humid outside. The chances of dirt particles, pollen, etc. getting stuck to your beard is much higher in this weather and the only solution is to cut it and change your style.


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