7 Skincare Products You Can Borrow From Your Girlfriend


You are an adventurer and prefer to stay on the road, all the time. Absolutely nothing can hold you back, but all these travelling routines and grueling work sessions take a major chunk of your time. Skin care, as a result, has taken a backseat.

A proper skin care routine hydrates your skin to the core and then keeps it in a healthy state.  To help with this essential task, certain skin care products come to your rescue.

And if buying these products is confusing, fret not! You can borrow these right away from your girlfriend:

Face Masks

Face Masks - Skincare Products from women

A blessing for your parched skin, a face mask is everything your skin needs right now. It instantly replenishes your skin so that it doesn’t dry out-causing breakouts and acne, and it adds a healthy glow too. If applying one is too time-consuming, you can also opt to borrow a face sheet mask for this purpose. Sheet masks work the same as regular face masks and provide instant nourishment to your dull skin in almost half the time.

Lip Balms

Lip balms - Skincare Products from women

Just like your skin, your lips require instant replenishment too. Solution? A hydrating lip balm takes care of your lip issues. Your girlfriend’s regular lip balm would be handy for your need. For ardent travellers like you, a lip balm provides SPF protection so that you are safe, even on the road. Also, this is a super compact product and hardly takes up any space in your travel bag.


Sun screen cream - Skincare Products from women

Nothing beats the protection of a sunscreen, absolutely nothing! Whenever you head outside, borrow this item and apply it all to your body to be sun safe. A sunscreen protects your skin from sun’s natural UVA and UVB rays and keeps you sun protected for long. Also, it has moisturizing agents that do not let your skin turn dry. A great product for the adventure seekers!

Face Scrub

 Face scrubs - Skincare Products from women

An essential product for skin care, an exfoliating face scrub removes the dead skin cells of your skin.  These skin cells cling to your face, clogging the pores. Thus, your face will turn dull and lose its sheen. Using a face scrub regularly will ensure that your dead skin cells are taken care of and the product will instantly brighten up your face too.

Body Lotion

How many times have you seen your girlfriend taking care of her skin with a body lotion? It’s time you do it as well, as it re-hydrates dry skin, replenishes rough areas, smoothens calluses and helps your skin glow. It also relieves stress and helps the body relax.

Dry shampoo

If you are someone who hates washing hair often, then you must use a dry shampoo. Apply it to the roots and to the ends of your hair from a 15-cm distance in order to avoid scalp irritation. Choose a dry shampoo that suits your hair type, promises to add volume to your hair and also hydrates it.

Hair brush

Take cues from your girlfriend and use a comb to style your mane at regular intervals. Combing hair also has a number of benefits. It eliminates waste materials that get accumulated in the scalp, strengthens hair and prevents hair loss.


On the days when you look tired and witness dark circles beneath your eyes, you should use a concealer from your girlfriend’s makeup kit. It will not only quickly hide the dark circles but also make you look refreshed.

Just like the way you don’t compromise on anything, your skin care routine wants the same level of commitment. So head over to your girlfriend’s closet, borrow these products and take care of your skin and hair. Also, we recommend that you check Cinthol’s grooming range, which consists of some excellent products.



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