7 Reasons You Need Cinthol Deostick


There is something about awesome men that makes them different from the rest – they are thrill seekers, adventurers and explorers and they are unafraid to experience life as it is. Also, they don’t mind the occasional obstacles that come with it. But they do mind body odour.

Smelling bad is a strict no for the active man, and this is where a Cinthol Deostick comes into play. Easy to apply and easier to carry along on adventures, here are seven reasons why Cinthol Deostick deserves a chance.

Applying a Deostick is easy

Available in simple-to-use tube applicators, Deostick is extremely easy to use. Apply it to your skin in circular motion, and just like that, you are freshened up in seconds.

Available in compact sizes

You can take your favorite Deostick to travel the world with you. They are super compact and fit in your bag.

They are discreet

There is a reason why silence is appreciated. You certainly don’t want the whole world to know that you are using an antiperspirant. The problem with regular deodorant sprays is that they make a lot of noise. Deostick is your silent buddy and will prep you up in seconds, without informing the whole town!

Lasts longer

On an average, Cinthol Deostick lasts up to three times more than your regular deodorant and keeps you refreshed all day long.

Incredibly soft on skin

Since Deostick is available in a creamy form, it is incredibly soft on the skin. It gently glides without irritating your skin and has a soothing ‘just out of shower’ sensation.

Cheaper than other alternatives

Cinthol Deostick is reasonably priced when compared to other deodorants. It means you do not need to splurge to smell awesome each day.


You love your clothes. They are expensive and need utmost care. Hence you certainly don’t want a deodorant to stain them. Guess what? Cinthol Deostick is stain proof, and it will not cause you or your clothes any trouble.


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